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Real Estate Buyers Are Not Liars, Agents Just Need To Listen

Forbes Real Estate 2/1 5:15A Frederick Peters, Contributor
The real estate agent’s job, perhaps more than any other, is to really HEAR the buyers and show them alternatives that allow their perhaps inchoate desires to find expression in the choice of the best home they didn’t even know they wanted.

Looking for the Next Top Real Estate Market? Head to the Midwest® Real Estate News 1/31 11:00P Clare Trapasso
Photo-Illustration by; Photos: Getty Images (2) Homebuyers and investors looking for the next top real estate markets should head West—to the Midwest that is. Seven of the top 10...

$1.6M Texas Hotel Is Looking for a Buyer To Check In® Real Estate News 1/31 10:30A Tiffani Sherman Checking in! With 12 bedrooms, 10 with en suite bathrooms, the historic Farris Hotel , aka Hotel Dallas, could be just about anything. The building, just off Main Street in Eagle Lake, TX...

6 Universal Design Tips for Easy, Long-Term Living at Home® Real Estate News 1/31 9:00A Jennifer Kelly Geddes
Photo courtesy of Mowery Marsh Architects LLC via Houzz Making your forever home as beautiful as possible is a no-brainer. But when it comes to improving accessibility, not every homeowner prioritizes with the future in mind. Mobility and...
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