Choosing the Right Tutor: What Are Your Child's Needs

Trophy Club BubbleLife iReporter 9/3 9:00A Dr Alice Ward-Johnson
Every child is unique, and their educational needs vary. When seeking tutoring for your child, aligning your choice with their specific requirements and goals is essential. The decision to select between a tutoring center or a private tutor hinges...

"The Transformative Power of a Certified Teacher as a Child Tutor"

Trophy Club BubbleLife iReporter 8/28 12:00A Dr Alice Ward-Johnson
In the formative years of a child's education, the role of a tutor can be a game-changer. While there are various options for tutoring, having a certified teacher as a child's tutor is a choice that holds exceptional power. Certified teachers bring...

North Texas heads back to school: When's the first day again?

CBS DFW Education 8/2 5:13P CBS Texas Staff
NORTH TEXAS ( - School Districts and families across North Texas are prepping for the first day of classes! Allen: August 10. For more info, click here . Arlington (AISD): August 16. For more info, click here . Birdville: August...
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